Property Installations


When you a venturing down the self build timber frame housing/property route, installations and fittings are part and parcel of the process. We cannot stress how important having installations and fittings completed by an expert, trusted, qualified, and experienced can be, in terms of saving your money on potential repairs in the long term. If installations and fitting are completed correctly and to the highest of industry standards at this stage it will remove any potential headaches in the future.

Plumbing and Heating Installations


We recommend making sure that all your plumbing, central heating, underfloor heating and boiler installations are well planned out, fit in with the house design and are carried out by an experienced, qualified and registered plumber or heating engineer. By ensuring these steps, it will help you avoid any nasty surprises in the long term, what may seem like added stress at the beginning, will turn into relief in the long term. We do NOT believe in cutting corners where housing and property is concerned we have seen too many problems and issues with other contractors in the past, they ended up paying the price (A hefty sum).

Experts In Installations


If you are currently working on a housing or property project in the London areas, we would like to recommend Boiler Breakdowns for any of you plumbing, heating and boiler installation needs for you houses or property in London. As the names suggests they know what they are on about when it comes to Heating and Boilers. For more information please visit: