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Self-build House Company. It is a company that was established solely to use its knowledge and unique experience to assist those who are self-builders: those who, at least want to take responsibility for the individual project management of the construction of their new home from the groundwork up. We cover the whole of the UK so give us a call we can start building your dream house today!

Who are we?


We are experts in timber frame construction, now recognised as the most efficient and environmentally friendly method for self-build, and will supply you with the timber frame that will form the major single element of your house. But our involvement does not end there. We will look at your original ideas and show you how to turn them into working drawings. We will advise you on applying for planning permission, on building regulations, the selection of specialist subcontractors for any work you are not able, or do not wish, to carry out for yourself, and help you with the sourcing of materials from cladding to worktops.

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We are ready and equipped to help, no matter what stage you have reached within your plans or concepts. Working with you, we will ensure that you are able to commission and complete your own bespoke design, take advantage of the natural benefits of your plot and realise all the aspirations you have for your home.